Presssure gauges

Gear-less Pressure Gauge (Spiral Type) SP

- A pressure gauge that does not use gears for the enlarging mechanism and improves durability
- The spiral type winds the Bourdon tube a number of times to set the pointer and directs the pressure.
- Spiral type has marvelous durability because of no sliding part, therefore ultra miniaturization can be realized.
- It is used for pulsating pressure measurement of a Plunger type pump and a portable cylinder for aircraft.



Shape φ15 : A・D4
φ22 : D4
φ25 : A・D4
Size (Φ)15、22、25
Accuracy3% F.S.
Pressure Range(MPa)0~1*→0~4(MPa)
*The range will be decided with discussions.
Thread* M5 R1/8 G1/4

For the safety and sufficient performance, please confirm following information in Technical Information when selecting the pressure gauge: 『”Operational conditions” in the table of “Applications” 』 ,『”Category in use” and “Special Treatment” in the table of “Pressure Media Category”』.


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