Pressure Media Category and Special Treatment


Pressure medium is diverse, such as water and air, as well as those with properties such as corrosive, flammable and toxic. If a pressure gauge is not applicable to these media, the gauge can not meet performance and even has a potential danger when used. Wet part materials can be hence selectable and special treatment to the part is accommodable.

Pressure Media Category and Special Treatment

Category in use Special Treatment Indication Applicable Pressure Medium
Wet part material
General Cu-alloy Non-corrosive liquids, gasses, water, oil and air, etc.
Steam/Heatproof Cu-alloy,SUS Steam: M
Heat-resistant: H
Vapor and 45 to 80C non-corrosive fluids or gasses
(Cooling fin needed over 80C and discussion to determine specifications for remote diagram type required.)
SUS304, 316
Silver brazing
Fluid without elusion of Zinc or lead from the material (brass/solder) used Foods, Medical care, Pure water
Anti-corrosion SUS304, 316
Argon welding
Liquids or gasses not to impede property of stainless as corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and durability Chemical- and Food-related
Diaphragm SUS304,316
Fluorine resin
Others (Discussion needed)
(Discussion needed to fix a material) (1)
Corrosive fluid, medium possessing characteristics of high viscosity or potential risk of solidification inside Chemical- and Food-related

Degreasing USE NO OIL Liquids or gasses not to contain oil Oxygen, Foods, Medical device
Cleaning-up USE NO OIL,
or quivalent
Liquids or gasses that require internal cleaning-up to avoid leakage of substance excluding clean air from wet part Foods, Pure water, Medical care, Semiconductor-related
Gas leakage test Gas name,
or equivalent
Liquids or gasses not to permit even less leakage and those with properties such as toxic and flammable
Gasses such as ammonia, (2) acetylene, propane and Freon


(1) Corrosive fluid: There is no material that can withstand all corrosive fluids. So, please let us know the name of fluid so that you can select the most suitable material.
(2) Acetylene gas: Usage of silver or copper alloy with copper content of 75% or more should be prohibited for wet part material. Thus, please be sure to contact us so that we can provide any appropriate solutions, accordingly.


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