Protection of individual

Takashima meter Ltd. Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said our company) takes care of individual information on the people (Hereafter, it is said the person in question) who offer our company individual information as follows.

1.Purpose of use of individual information

– Our company will use individual information in range necessary for the achievement of the following purpose of uses.
– Correspondence to inquiry of offers of sales of products of our company, repair, check, and after-sales service support, etc. and them and request and demands, etc.
– Giving information that products of our company, corporate information, serves or relates to them (sending of various material such as catalog, organization papers, and new Products)
– Guides such as exhibition, course, briefing, and various events and participants’ Confirmation and report afterwards
– Maintenance and construction related to report, report, consultation with customer on business, and smooth dealings
– Giving information and report concerning adoption for adoption applicant
– The adoption applicant’s adoption selection and decision assignment after joining a company ahead
Proxy statement..required documentation..send..dividend..payment..clerical work..our company..externals..Commercial on..fulfilment of obligations..execution.
– Use by purpose that individual information Protection method Others is admitted by Act of Parliament
– I will use it continuously by the above-mentioned purpose of use for individual information acquired before individual information Protection method is enforced (March 31, 2005 former).

2.Third party offer of individual information

Our company doesn’t have what offers the third party individual information in the following cases excluding.
– When you obtain the person in question’s agreement beforehand
– When our company offers it to our related companies or the agency, etc. for the achievement of the purpose of use the supervised appropriate business consignment ahead
– When individual information Protection method Others is admitted by Act of Parliament

3.About the management of individual information

It leaks, and the one of our company to take a necessary, appropriate measures is individual information for the safety management of prevention Others individual information on the downfall or the damage.

4.Inquiry concerning individual information

Our company will appropriately correspond to the following claims concerning individual information etc. with reasonable range.
– Disclosing of possession individual data
– The possession individual data is corrected, and is added or deleted.
– Suspension or deletion of possession individual data
– Notification of purpose of use of possession individual data
– Complaint and consultation concerning handling of individual information

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It wishes Confirmation about the procedure of the claim etc. after it contacts the following windows.

5.About the use of the site

Use of Access log information

When our website is used, Access log information that contains Internet Protocol address that the person in question used is recorded. This information is used the use of our website situation awareness, to correspond at the failure promptly, and to see for the cause investigation, and it doesn’t use it for the purpose to specify the user himself. However, it excludes it when admitted it is necessary for [wo] Protection our right, property or service etc.


This site is regularly encouraged and I encourage Confirmation it because I might revise “Handling of individual information”.


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