Presssure gauges

Pressure Gauge for High Pressure Gas HP

- It is used for gas pressure measurement of oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, helium, etc.
- Gas leak test, adoption of safety blowhole and self-extinguishing resin and thorough safety measures.
- Completely dry treatment that does not emit any harmful water or oil to connected equipment such as pressure regulator.
- For high-pressure hydrogen gas which has a material considering hydrogen embrittlement, a bulkhead is provided to allow the gas to escape backward in the rupture of the Bourdon tube in the unlikely event.


Shape B・D
Size (Φ)100
Accuracy Class1.6
Pressure Range(MPa)Pressure Gauge 0~100→0~250
ThreadG1/2・9/16-18UNF female

For the safety and sufficient performance, please confirm following information in Technical Information when selecting the pressure gauge: 『”Operational conditions” in the table of “Applications” 』 ,『”Category in use” and “Special Treatment” in the table of “Pressure Media Category”』.


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