Presssure gauges

Glycerin bath Pressure Gauge GR

-To protect the internal mechanism and ensure excellent durability and vibration resistance, glycerin is encapsulated inside the pressure gauge.
-Ideal for places of violent vibration and pulsation, which were considered impossible with a pressure gauge.


Shape Φ40: D3・D4
Φ50: A・D4
Φ60: A・B・D・D2・D3・D4
Φ75、Φ100: A・B・D・D2
Φ150: A
Size (Φ)40、50、60、75、100、150
Accuracy ClassΦ40、Φ50: 3%F.S.
Φ60、Φ75: 2.5
Φ100、Φ150: 1.6
Pressure Range(MPa)Pressure Gauge(Φ60〜) 0〜0.1→0〜100
Vacuum -0.1〜0
Compound -0.1〜0.1→-0.1〜2.5
ThreadΦ40、Φ50: R1/4
Φ60: G1/4
Φ75: G3/8
Φ100、Φ150: G3/8・G1/2

For the safety and sufficient performance, please confirm following information in Technical Information when selecting the pressure gauge: 『”Operational conditions” in the table of “Applications” 』 ,『”Category in use” and “Special Treatment” in the table of “Pressure Media Category”』.


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