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  1. Remote measurement type that separates Instruction part and senser is used for the industrial use possible, and widely to use the expansion and the shrinkage of the sealing liquid (Or, gas).
  2. The scale interval can be legible, and be manufactured to the high temperature region from capitation compared with Vapor pressure type T.
  3. Because it is non-mercury, it is safe. It is possible to use it also for the food relation.

Example of order※When the mouse is put, the explanation is displayed.

VS D 100 × 0~100 L2 P・R1/2 × 50 S2 _

Please quote the sign from the following table.

Vapor pressure type T

※When the temperature is selected, the material of Liquid part suits the measurement body to obtain the performance enough safely, and the temperature of using regularly becomes 30~60% of all scale ranges.

Type VP
External shape Remote measurement
round edge type(SignB)
Remote measurement
burial type(SignD)
Remote measurement
with foot type(SignE)
Instruction part Size 60,75,100 50,60,75,100 150
Accuracy ±1.5Scale
(1)PipeのLength:L(m) 1、1.5、2 <Specification>2~20
Joint Shape Slide type(SignS)
<Standard>Union type(SignU)
(2)Protection Tube assistant type(SignP)
Throw type
Connected screw R3/8 <Standard>R1/2 R3/4 JISTubeflangetype
Diameter:d(mm) 8、10(Size100) <Specification>(2)Special Protection TubeのShape・Size
Length:L(mm) <Standard>125 <Specification>50、75、100、150、200、300、400、500
Main part
Protection Tube
<Standard>C1020 NiPlating <Specification>SUS304(SignS2)
(3)Case <Setting cap type>SPC plating(Size50)
<Screw cap type>ZDC Cr plating(Size60,75)、ADC
Black painting(Size100,150)
Installation needleLabel type(SignF5)


  1. Please note the installation method an abnormal temperature's not joining Pipe part (Instruction part) though the influence on the reading error margin that Pipe part (Instruction part) receives from the ambient temperature is more little than other liquid seal thermometers.
  2. Please use Protection Tube as Size and Material that suits these when the measurement fluid pressures, is flow velocity, contains, and hardens and should do senser from the type thing and corrosion, etc. in Protection. Please see "Explanation of the thermometer of the explanation" about the matter concerning these.
  3. It is not a complete Sealing up structure though rubber Gasket for dustproof enters.
  4. Long Protection Tube of 150mm or more must use made of Stainless steel.
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