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  1. It is low cost Pressure switch with high reliability with a microswitch in the point of contact.
  2. There is High pressuretype that uses NoLeake type and the piston by the use of Bellows and burudon Tube to the receiving pressure element.

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TS1 0.1 × G3/8 _ _

Please refer to the following table.

Pressure switch

Type TS1 TS2 MPS
Setting pressure -0.1~-0.05 0.05~0.2 0.2~60 2~70
Range that can be set again ±40%Setting pressure ±40%Setting pressure ±7%Setting pressure
Resisting pressure 180%Setting pressure 180%Setting pressure 140%Setting pressure
Accuracy ±1.6% FS ±1.6% FS ±2% FS
Connected screw <Standard>G3/8 <Specification>G1/2
Number of points of contact <Standard>1Point of contact <Specification>2Point of contact
Point of contact capacity AC 250V 3A AC 250V 15A
Liquid part
Connected screw C3604 <Standard>C3604
Element <Standard>C5191
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