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  1. Squeezing of fixed type that installs directly in pressure inflow entrance of pressure gauge, eases pulse pressure, and protects pressure gauge.

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Please refer to the following table.



Gauge side
Surgical knife screw G・R1/4 G・R3/8 G・R1/2 Others
Piping side Male Screw G・R1/4 G・R3/8 G・R1/2 Others
Material Bs SUS
Maximum allowable
working pressure(MPa)
20 3(Bs・For diaphragm type、No leakage type)

■Serial number・Size

Serial number Ah Bh
Made of Bs Made of SUS
KD-G2G2B KD-G2G2S G1/4 G1/4 12 16 49 22
(27) 23
KD-G2R2B KD-G2R2S R1/4
KD-G3G3B KD-G3G3S G3/8 G3/8 14 18 53 24
(28) 25
KD-G3R3B KD-G3R3S R3/8
KD-G4G4B KD-G4G4S G1/2 G1/2 16 20 57 27
(29) 27
KD-G4R4B KD-G4R4S R1/2
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