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  1. Sign put to understand Tube reason Pressure at one view when PressureTube reason is done.

Example of order

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Please refer to the following table.

Installation needle


Kind Label type Ring type Switch type
Size of
adjustment gauge
40 50
150 75
(The model is limited. )
(The model is limited. )
Color of installation needle Two greens and two Red attachments <Standard>Green
<Specification>Green and red
F510 F520 F530 F540 It is set in the pressure gauge, and fill in color combination Sign on the Additiona specification column, please when you order the pressure gauge.
For low pressure For high pressure Sign
Green Green F6
Green Red F6GR
Red Red F6RR
Red Green F6RG
It is set in the pressure gauge and fill in additiona specification column Sign(F7), please when you order the pressure gauge.
  Fixation type pasted on Lamina lucida of management value Installation needle installed on the circumference is rotating moved and it sets it in the management value. It becomes total of one 2needle. Type that turns switch at center and sets it in management value.
Feature It is the best, and not limited the adjustment model to the place with Fixation type, multi acceptable Installation needle, and a low cost and the vibration. It is the best for the PressureTube reason for two needle half movement type upper bound lower bound. Ask: Please loosening Fixation and do Ring stop Screw after it sets it to prevent Installation needle being moved by the vibration. When one needle Movability type and the management value change, it is the best.
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