Business policy

『I get the highest satisfaction from the customer in the quality.』
It is assumed the policy, and the hanging all companies ..target.. are given and it works.

Quality policy

  1. The customer does the highest satisfaction.
  2. A strong enterprise is built, and happiness is achieved.
  3. Improvement, revolution, creation, challenge, and speed.

Feature of enterprise

QualityJWe will deliver a high-quality product as IS standard display permission factory according to the standardized process.
CostThe form of the direct sale of manufacturing where the branch is not opened is taken, and a low cost is achievement [jiteorimasu] to production.
TechnologyEven the development design, making for trial purposes, and the proposal of special goods will meet wide range of needs to say nothing of standardized goods.
ProductionIt does from making for trial purposes in compliance with the demand such as mass-producing and making to high accuracy that includes many things. I will correspond to OEM.
ActivityAn improvement report of 5S activity and the the point and next paragraph of each company are brought together on a regular day every month, the factory is audited jointly with eight companies with a different type of business, and it studies hard mutually.
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