1965The Takashima meter Ltd. is established by the capital one million yen.
1972The capital is increased to the capital three million yen.
1973The headquarters factory is built and moved to Okaya City wakamiya.
1974The capital is increased to the capital six million yen.
1976A building is extended the machine factory, and the machine development only to be automatic stock processing is set up.
1977UL standard acquisition
1980The capital is increased to the capital 12 million yen.
1980Mechanical workshop and 363.19㎡ in part warehouse extensions
1991The Minowa factory is built to the Kamiina-gun Minowa-cho.
1992Pressure gauge JIS display permit is received.
2003The headquarters factory is bought and moved to Suwa City Uekawa.
2008Pressure gauge new JIS display attestation is received.
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