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Usual type

①【Environment of equipment place】It peels off and it makes it to , JIS B1804, environmental division C, and class C1.
 {However, the sealed type replaces 0.050 in humidity and words and phrases the ..outdoor district.. maximum absolutely. }


Kind of pressure gauge
Standard District Temperature Humidity
96RH Maximum absolute humidity(kg/kg^1)
Common type
General pressure gauge
JIS B 1804 Environmental
divisionC ClassC1
Cover district -5~45℃ 25~100 0.028
{Sealed type pressure gauge}   {Outdoor district} {  〃  } {  〃  } {0.050}

②【Installation posture】The scale plate is vertical, and the display installs it in the direction that becomes the horizontal.

③【Vibration or impact】It makes it to the range where swinging of the indicator that exceeds the accuracy allowance difference is not caused.

④【Pressure medium】Non-causticity
 However, it is assumed the liquid and the gas within the range where the corrosion resistance of the connection and liquid the material quality and SUS316 is effective for anti-corrosion.

⑤【Normal operation pressure】The upper bound is made the following range.

(1)Fixed pressure 3/4 or less of maximum pressures
(2)Fluctuating pressure 2/3 or less of maximum pressures
Vacuum pressure Maximum pressure


(1)Fixed pressure:Pressure to change at speed that doesn't exceed 1% of pressure a second, and for amount of change a minute not to exceed 5% of pressure.

(2)Fluctuating pressure:Pressure that changes at speed of 1?10% of span of pressure a second.

Type usually for steam

①【Environmental temperature】It makes it to the place that becomes a high temperature temporarily as steam when beginning to drive within the range of 0?50℃.

②【Other condition】Common type's condition and ②③④⑤ are quoted.

③【SignM】It displays and the kind according to the usage is shown.

※{ } It doesn't correspond to JIS B 7505 by what enacted as our standard for the performance gain.

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