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Pressure medium varieties

  The pressure medium is various like the one etc. with characteristics such as causticities and poisonous besides water and air. The pressure gauge not matched to these characteristics not only obtains the performance but also is very dangerous. Therefore, a material of liquid part and special processing are done for doing.

○Pressure medium varieties and, the special process.
Pressure medium varieties Special process Display Adjusting pressure medium
  Material of liquid part
General Copper base alloy Liquid and gas of non-causticity[Water, oil, and air, etc.]
For heatproof
Copper base alloy
For heatproof:H
Water steam and 45~80℃'Liquid and gas of non-causticity(After Remote measurement type etc. with the cooling fin make arrangements separately, the specification is decided at 80℃ or more. )
Silver row welding
Fluid from employed material (brass and solder) without elution of zinc and lead
[Food, medical equipment, and purified water]
For anti-corrosion SUS304、316
Argon welding
Liquid and gas with effective characteristics of stainless corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, heatproof, and durability, etc.[Chemistry and food relation]
Diaphragm type SUS304、316
Diaphragm material)
When it is likely to stiffen a corrosive fluid, a high viscosity or internally[Chemistry and food relation]
Steam・For heatproof
For anti-corrosion
No oil processing USENOOIL Liquid and gas without oil
[Oxygen, food, and medical equipment]
Clean processing USENOOIL
Or, so.
Liquid and gas that needs internal washing so that materials other than washing air should not go out of liquid
[Food, medical equipment, and purified water、Semiconductor relation]
Gas leak test Gas name
Or, so.
Poisonous, and the liquid and the gas that a small amount of leakage like acceptable heat and the high leakage, etc. doesn't permit either
[Ammonia, acetylene, propane, and freon gas, etc.]


  1. The corrosive fluid: There is no material that can endure all the corrosive fluids. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable material when used for the corrosive fluid. Please I must say and give the fluid name.
  2. The acetylene gas: Copper base alloy of silver or Cu75% or more cannot be used for the liquid part material. It will correspond and tell us, please.
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